Thunderhoof Clan picture day!  Thanks to all who showed up.

Thunderhoof turns seven years old on August 2nd!

Editing the pic down for the new banner!

Long-time ‘Hoofer Ganorn wanted to share these screen shots, including a couple from last month’s THUNDARENA!  We had some really great battles.  

Remember Sunday after the meeting is OPERATION:  WILDHOOF

Sunwalker treated Thunderhoof Clan to a telling of the Shu’Halo creation story last Sunday after the meeting.

We began at Ghostwalker Post and hopped over to the regrowth area to see the restorative powers of the Earthmother.

The Thunderhoof Clan once again honors the left eye of the Earthmother, Mu’sha. FOR THE HERD!

All Tauren RP/PvP guild.